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  • Research (Central Research Lab)

    CENTRAL RESEARCH LABORATORY - Research facilities & Consultancy services

    The research interest of our central research lab covers a broad range of research activities in the field of physiological,anatomical and pathological aspects of oral tissues.

    Salem is one of the common geographical area of fluorosis. Oral cancer is one of the common cancer in this locality.More number of benign tumours also reporting to our institution every year.

    The central research laboratory conducts basic research and investigation centre on histopathology,cytology , haematology and imunohistochemistry. Our centralresearch laboratories committed to provide promisingquality,efficiency,secure storage,vital support,exemplary and individualized care making ground breaking discoveries and educating generations of exceptional pathologists with rapid delivery of diagnostic test results. The objective of the CRL is to advance the field as well as support other avenues of investigation with the potential to improve the practise of histopathology,cytology and haematology.

    Our broad areas of research includes:

    • 1.Oral cancer
    • 2.Dental fluorosis
    • 3.Dental caries
    • 4.Forensic dentistry

    Ongoing Research Projects in Central Research Labs :